Sage Logo Proud Australians Bible restored by Sage Old Books 2003

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Bible before restoration 1 Covers worn. Held together with masking tape and surgical sticking plaster.

Bible before restoration 2 Spine loose. Endpapers torn. Covers stained.

Bible before restoration 3 Pages loose. Paper brittle.

Bible re-backed Re-backed with old spine pasted over.

Bible re-sewn The text block re-sewn.

Bible restored covers Front cover cleaned and polished.

Bible new endpapers
New marbled endpapers, made to order by Joan Ajala. Click here to open a new window to view Joan's web site.

Book box layout The custom made book box. (Not our usual design. We usually custom make a clamshell box for Bibles).

Box partly closed The box partly closed and tied.

Box closed The box closed, protecting the bible from the elements.

See an alternative box type here - Solander or clamshell box.

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