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Some books recently found for Customers using our Book Search facility

Please refer to our extensive GLOSSARY of terms used throughout our bookshop. Remember, if you find it listed on this page it means we found it somewhere else. Let us try to find you a copy as well.

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Bain, Mary Albertus. Full Fathom Five (Purchased WA)

Darwin, Charles On the Origin of Species (early collectible copy). On instructions from our client, this book was purchased in damaged condition and restored in our bindery prior to delivery.

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Evans, Richard, Thoughts for 100 days , Volumes 3, 4 and 5. (Imported from US).

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Marcus, Alex, DEMS? What's DEMS? The story of the men of the Royal Australian Navy who manned Defensively Equiped Merchant Ships during WWII. Three more copies since found and sold.

Mees, Arthur. Children's Encyclopaedia - 10 volume set - purchased locally.

Porter, Jane (Illust. by N C Wyeth). The Scottish Chiefs. Came up in a large private collection we were contracted to sell.

The Overland Whippet Repair Manual (three copies) 1926 and The Overland Whippet Operation and Care Manual (two copies)

Paine, Thomas. The Age of Reason (1910) - Imported from UK.

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Ronan, Tom. Moleskin Midas We currently have several copies in stock. See our bookshop section on Australiana for our current holdings. Please note: We recently sold our 15th copy of this scarce Tom Ronan book and are regarded as Ronan specialists.

Stanyan, T. The Grecian History to the end of the Peleponnesian War 2 Volumes (1739) Imported from UK.

Stanyan, T. An Account of Switzerland Written in the Year 1714 . (1715) - Imported from USA.

Thompson, Flora. Lark Rise to Candleford (Illustrated). Purchased Gold Coast.

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Woodforde, James, The Diary of a Country Parson: The Reverend James Woodforde 1758-1781 (Imported from UK)

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