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Traditional and contemporary bookbinding

Restored book

We have established a well equipped small bindery with most of the tools we need for restoration work.

We have, in the past, hand crafted new bindings in cloth or leather to meet the individual tastes of our clients. Books of various sizes and shapes have been built, traditionally sewn and bound or using contemporary means such as thermal binding. However due to an upsurge in restoration work we now prefer to pass this type of work on to other binderies.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently NOT accepting any new restoration or bookbinding work.

From simple book hinge repairs to more complex rebinding of older books, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a restoration service which is not only competitively priced but will ensure that the intrinsic value of your book is enhanced. Depending on the type of book and your wishes for it, we can completely restore it to look almost new, or subtly repair it while keeping all its character and integrity. Many antiquarian books from the 16th and 17th century are now being offered for sale in "later" or "recent" bindings, as the trade has realised that unless books are repaired from time to time they eventually become unusable and unsalable. These books are still commanding high prices, despite the evidence of repair.

We will never attempt work outside our capabilities as our love for books will always place the value of the book first. Where restoration is beyond our resources we will recommend another professional with the necessary skills for the task.

See our Images section for some examples of our work.

For rare or valuable books, we build custom made clamshell (Solander) boxes. View some examples of our clamshells by clicking on the link.

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