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Some unsolicited comments from our clients

From our bindery

Restoration of "A History and Survey of London", 1770.

"Book arrived safely today. Absolutely thrilled with the restoration and highly impressed with your craftsmanship. I have 2 other books that I have in mind for minor restoration work. Will be in touch should I decide to go ahead.
Kind regards , Hugh D.

A book of poems, formatted, printed and hand bound in kangaroo leather and gold tooled.

Ian and Lorraine
I got it!! I got it!! It is wonderful......absolutely wonderful. You have done a marvellous job, I am just so excited.
Thank you so much for the extra copy, I am truly touched by your sentiments.
Please let me know if you require a testimonial or letter of support because I would be more than happy to furnish you with my words of support.
Thank you both again - I am just in awe!
Warmest regards

A large 100 year old leather bound book fully restored.

I've just received the book and I must say I'm very impressed. You've done a great job. I'll certainly take note of your suggestions in regard to looking after it. It's now something I'll be happy to treasure and eventually pass on as a family heirloom.
Thanks again for your service,
Kind regards,

A large family bible fully restored with protective book box. See images here

My family and I cannot put into words our appreciation and joy, that has come from the superb professional craftsmanship of Ian and Lorraine Bates demonstrated in the restoration of my very large family bible, which is over 100 years old. Sincere appreciation from a very happy customer. I was so pleased to have found Sage Old Books!

Another large family bible fully restored, including brass repairs to clasp.

Hello to both of you.
Thank you for the lovely job that you did on the bible for us. I have written to the owner in England letting her know and I am sure she will be very pleased. I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from M and I. It was very nice meeting you and I hope that next year is a successful and enjoyable year for you both.
Sincerely - J

Restoration and binding of a precious family typescript from the early 1900's.

Dear Ian and Lorraine,
I received the book safely back this morning.
Wow- I am so pleased!!!! You guys have done a fantastic job, the book will now last another 70 years I am sure.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, I am so pleased I found you to be able to restore my book to such a nice condition.
My great-grandfather would be proud to see it. I look forward to reading it once again and follow his adventures in Australia and Southern Africa.
Thanks once again, and have a lovely Christmas.
Kind regards,

A large family bible fully restored, including a new black buckram clamshell box to protect it.

Many thanks Ian and Lorraine.
You've done a great job and I really appreciate it - can't wait to show everyone the 'new' bible now. Many thanks also for the cuppa. It was great meeting you both and I would/will have no hesitation in recommending your work to anyone who needs it.

From our bookshop

Sale of a rare book after vigorous negotiations by email

Thank you Ian,
I received the book this week - it sits very nicely in my library. It's as you described and thank you for having the integrity and professionalism in not inflating the quality of book nor dust wrapper. I believe we've settled on a fair price for both of us.
I look forward to further purchases, with your assistance, in the area of modern first edition novels.

Sale of a scarce book which we advertised on a fan forum.

Hello Ian!
I received the book today and I couldn't be more pleased I tell you. Its condition is even better than I expected. Once again, thank you very much for ending my five-year quest.

After a request for a scanned image of a hard to find book in our collection

Thanks for the excellent info on the Huysmans, the scan was great. I really appreciate the serious feedback.
I'll post the cheque on either Monday or Tuesday.
Thanks again,

Two copies of a hard to find title through our book finding service.

Hi Ian
Thanks for your efforts. Both copies have arrived. I am very pleased with them.
Thanks again

Hard to find copy of a dust jacket which a restorer required for his business.

Hello Ian,
Just wanted you to know that I received the copy of Hira Singh today. Much quicker than expected and in great shape. Thanks a lot, and let me know if you run across anything on my want list.

After succesfully negotiating return of a book which did not match description.

Dear Ian -
Thanks for your very prompt refund, and your unwavering fairness - unusual in this day and age I think - should you ever find yourself in B..... I will take you (and family) for a drink.
all best

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